Possible City

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Inspired by the writings of Jane Jacobs, Manuel De Landa, landscape urbanists, Steven Johnson, and others on the organization of cities, the Possible City offers an alternative to the top-down and bottom-up planning of the past. It seeks to create a new relationship between citizens, organizations, government, design professionals and the physical, social, and economic spaces that they inhabit.

Possible City is built to support the agency of individuals to instigate change in their own communities (and to eventually make a living doing it). Users of the site will be able to create Agent profiles through which they will interact with Projects, Lots, and other Agents. These profiles will allow Agents to share information about their location, their interests, projects they have “floated”, Projects they have “grounded”, Projects they are backing, Lots they are following, other Agents they are networked with, and skills and expertise they can bring to rebuilding their communities.

lotXlot is an application for mapping the city on a parcel by parcel basis. It allows Agents to locate “Lots” with specific characteristics, gather up-to-date data about them, add their own data, “Follow” them, become “Stewards”, and connect them with other Agents and Projects. The initial focus of lotXlot will be vacant lots, but every parcel in the city will have its own profile page and will be open to intervention. Lots can be networked together physically by location (clusters of lots connected to each other, corridors of lots connected by another physical structure in the city such as a transit line, or stream bed, and networks of lots – connected not physically but virtually by defining characteristics or uses)


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