Atnight Vision Through Data


Edouard Cabay has invited Mar Santamaria i Varas, Pablo Martínez Díez and Jordi Bari Corberó to present their at night cartography at l’Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture – Amphi Ciné – September 14, 2013 at 6pm.

The image of the city by day is continuous and made up of traces of the past, raising awareness of a social order which is visible by means of architecture. On the contrary, at night, perception is based on the understanding of lighted fragments which often are historical buildings but also banks, supermarkets and petrol stations. These elements are now building our landscape and our visible memory of night-time, through individual images.

If landscape is an abstract idea based on “what we see” when we look at a territory, nightscape is hardly landscape. In the words of Javier Maderuelo [1], landscape is the link that enables us to interpret the qualities of a territory or place in cultural and aesthetic terms. But at night darkness makes our perceivable reality disappears, transforming our sensible environment. What happen then with landscape, understood as a conscious gaze that is built between us (individuals) and our milieu, when night falls?

See you there!


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