The assessment of gross national happiness (GNH) was designed in an attempt to define an indicator and concept that measures quality of life or social progress in more holistic and psychological terms than only the economic indicator of gross domestic product (GDP). Nowaday the country of Bhutan dosent use GDP (gross national product) to measure country health but clearly happiness rate.

As the guardian said “a small idea that can change the world”

Here is pictures showing diffrents indicators of national grow happiness


So could we do the same about a technological gross product indicator to measure the influence of ICT (Information and communication technologies) in each country ?

Or because internet become worldwide instrument, is it possible to measure the power of it, and who are behind ? Giant companies are the ones shaping the web. Mostly American companies having the entire internet legacy in their hands. And  Web Trend Map is a large picture of what internet really is……the Internet Corporate America, a world completly independance of companies that rules the worldwide web.

So as a reference :



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